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Buy a home in Marianna Florida

Are you ready to purchase your first or second home?  Are you looking for something in town, a subdivision or rural (like a farm)?  If you are going to buy a home rather than build do you know EXACTLY what to look for to make certain you are getting the most for your money?  Jim Roberts Realty has been in business in Marianna Florida over 43 years and has been through all the ups and downs of the market and still going strong today. We have been here and are still here for you today just like we always have been!  Read on to get the answers to your questions:

Would you buy a home in Marianna that Borders this golf course?


  • Are you purchasing your first or second home?

    If you are ready to buy and you know exactly what you want in a home, GREAT!  We have quite a few homes in inventory or ready to be sold ranging in the low 20’s going as high as $499,999.  One of our agents will be ready to take your call and show you around whatever fits in your budget.  If you don’t know for sure which home you’d like and we’ll be happy to make suggestions to you based on our depth of knowledge of our properties and the area in general.

  • Are you looking for something in town, in the country or a sub division?

    Jackson County and the surrounding areas have magnificent scenery and resources.  You’ll never be too far away from what you are looking for.  We are centrally located between Dothan Al, Panama City Florida and Tallahassee Florida.  There are rolling hills and flat farm land.  Streams and lakes and rivers seem to come from all over and are always beautiful.  When you are here ask us to show you the Mill Pond and Lake Seminole.  We have some medium sized older and newer subdivisions in the area such as Indian Springs on the east side of Marianna and GreenField near Marianna High school with Spring Chase to the northeast.  Those are just 3 miles away from Marianna at the most and easy access to shopping, work and services like schools and hospitals.  So whatever your preferences are in terms of distance from your nearest neighbor or work, health or shopping Jackson county has you covered and Jim Roberts Realty is a Jackson County institution and we are the Realtor Marianna Florida.

  • Are you going to build a home rather than buy?

    In today’s financial climate we feel like building is definitely a better option than buying if you can.  Why?  When you build you have every option open to you.  The only thing you have to decide on is WHERE to build.  When building is what you want to do we have a great feel for the land options waiting one you.  If you just need 1 acre or many the low cost of land here in the Chipola region is far behind the actual cost of land nationwide comparatively.  That’s one of our yet undiscovered secrets.   We have years of experience with property sales and know that sometimes is could be a daunting task and are ready to help you navigate through the noise and clutter to have a better land buying home building experience.


Thanks for visiting Jim Roberts Realty.  Give us a call and one of our agents will happily get you started on your way to buying a home or buying land to build a home on in Jackson, Washington, Holmes, Calhoun or Bay counties.  It really is a wonderful place, why so many locals have always and continued to call it home.

Real Estate Offices in Marianna Florida

Real estate offices in Marianna

typically have access to the same tools in terms of search and listings available.  Its called the Multiple Listing Service or MLS.  Our MLS page is located here.  Our office is different from other offices however in that although we do have some of the same tools as the other agencies our focus is not tools but people.  We develop relationships with property appraisers, mortgage loan offices, insurance agents and many more of the important people to know when you are ready to buy a home in or around Jackson, Holmes and Washington county.

What should I know about buying a home through a Marianna Florida realtor?

  1. Always use a trusted realtor – Remember that realtors actually take their commission from the seller.  So you as a buyer should be able to feel confident in the broker you use.  Sometimes commissions must be split between listing broker and agents with the selling agent if they are not the same.  This is actually good for you as a buyer because you will be able to get an objective look at price. We offer listing and selling services as we are a full service agency.
  2. Buy whats affordable –  Often times people buy beyond their means.  usually this happens with adjustable mortgages and when interest rates rise people have other debt commitments at that point and can not afford the price hike.  We are saddened when we see this because so many times we help people find their dream homes here in Marianna and never want to see them lose it so we have suggested in the past buy a smaller home if you need to and add on later as you can afford or refinance as soon as possible into a fixed interest loan so that you don’t get those surprise price hikes!
  3. Repairs and Upgrades – Speaking of surprises, dont forget that any upgrades you may plan to do after moving in may cost more than you are prepared for initially.  When you think about doing bathroom and kitchen upgrades the cabinets and appliances are a pretty big expense but don’t forget to factor in the cost of possible fees and the certainty of labor costs of hiring a professional to do the work for you.  There are some great DIY projects but sometimes you just need the pro contractor for the job!

We get excited when we get to work with informed buyers because they usually have better questions up front and have fewer complaints after the purchase.  We sincerely want our customers to be satisfied completely so we like to help you think ahead .  If you cant think of any questions (UNLIKELY) then ask us what questions other people usually ask and we are happy to tell you.

Marianna, Florida is located in
Jackson County, in the northeast
portion of the Florida panhandle.

Just 60 miles from Panama City or Tallahassee, Marianna is centrally located to many major Florida cities including Pensacola.

Search the MLS for homes land and commercial property in Marianna and surrounding areas.