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What is my property value?

Interest in finding out what the market value of your property is? Upon receipt of the following information we will access the public records to obtain information such as heated & cooled square footage, year built, # of bedrooms and baths, acreage, etc. Then we will locate similar properties that have recently sold and make adjustments comparably. We will email you all this information on the properties we used so you can compare them as well. Remember we only know what is in the public records, we are not aware of the special features of a home unless you tell us or permit us to come and preview your property. We will be more than glad to come and visit you in order to look over your property so that we are more informed about your property and the quality of the features your property offers, in order that we can be more detailed. We offer this service to you at NO charge so feel free to fill out the following form to contact us.

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