Washington County

About Washington County

Washington County is truly a visitor oasis. New citizens and visitors will find expanding opportunities in a growth economy as well as a safe and enjoyable environment. Growing families and visitors alike will discover a better quality of life. They have excellent schools and a quiet, family-oriented, all-American way of life.

Washington County has a wealth of recreational resources for just about everyone. Falling Waters Country Club, Sunny Hills Country Club along with Great Oaks Golf Course are wonderful public golf courses for the serious golfer. The Choctawhatchee River and Econfina Creek are excellent canoeing, tubing, and rafting sites. There are several lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks that always offer a memorable boating or fishing experience. Falling Waters State Park provides excellent opportunities for hiking, bird watching, swimming, camping, and biking. Numerous community parks offer fishing, hiking, swimming, water skiing, hunting, bird watching, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Washington County residents enjoy a quality of life with time for work and quality time for family and friends. The unhurried lifestyle offers growing families the opportunities to provide strong values and spiritual foundations for their children. There are many ideal locations for retirees who wish to leave the hustle and bustle of their working lives. If you desire an isolated property, real estate with neighbors close by, large acreage, small lots, big home, small house, or just a vacation getaway location, let the Jim Roberts team of realtors led by Robby Roberts, help you choose just the right location.

Washington County derives its beauty and heritage from the land. This fact is reflected in its resilient and resourceful citizens who know the importance of neighbor helping neighbor.

Let the Washington County love settle in, and it is sure to win you over.

Local Resources for Washington County Florida

Chamber of Commerce: Washington County Chamber of Commerce

Hospitals: Doctors Memorial Hospital | Northwest Florida Community Hospital

Property Appraiser: Washington County Property Appraisers Office

School Board: Washington District School Board

Newspaper: Washington County News

College: Washington Holmes Technical Center